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  • Long term results
  • Pros & Cons of private debt

We are in a persistent low / negative yield environment...

... which has resulted in allocations to high risk investments:

  • longer duration bond funds
  • investment-grade credit
  • high yield
  • preferred shares
  • bond ETFs

For institutional investors private debt is filling the gap

Over the longest period for which data are available, private debt shows lower volatility and competitive long-term returns versus two key fixed income indices: Global High Yield and US Investment Grade

Cumulative average growth return of private debt compared to high yield and US investment grade corporate credit

Source: Preqin Private Debt Database 2015, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Private Debt has lower volatility than equity indices but can provide equity-like returns.

Cumulative average growth of private debt compared to selected equity indices (including dividends not reinvested)

Source: Preqin Private Debt Database 2015

Sprott Alternative Income Fund

Now retail investors* can access private debt without many of the challenges typically associated with these investments

Access Multi-manager OM fund featuring exposure to 2 key private debt strategies: ABL + Factoring
Liquidity 30 days, RSP eligible
Transparency Improved transparency because of broader fund inclusion
Cash Drag Optimization of uninvested cash: allocated to corporate credit funds to earn return
Expertise Two teams of 30-50 specialists per private debt fund

*Available to accredited investors only

How it works

* Target weightings. Will vary based on market conditions and flows.

Private Debt
Receivable Factoring / Short-Term Loans
  • Medium duration (6 mo.)
  • 33 month track record
Corporate Credit
Unconstrained Mandate
  • Short duration (daily)
  • Over 5 year track record
Private Debt
Asset Based Lending
  • Longer duration (12 mo. +)
  • Underlying fund has 24 month track record
Corporate Credit
High Quality Credit
  • Med-Low duration
  • Over 3 year track record

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