U.S Dollar Purchase Option for Sprott Funds

Starting February 7, 2014, we are pleased to offer new U.S. dollar purchase options for all available series of shares of:

» Sprott Enhanced Equity Class
» Sprott Silver Bullion Class 
» Sprott Gold Bullion Class


The U.S. Dollar Option is being offered as a convenience to investors who would like to purchase shares of the Funds with U.S. dollars. It does not act as a currency hedge or protect against losses caused by changes in the exchange rates between the Canadian and U.S. dollar and there is no difference in the performance return of a Fund.  

How it works:

As of February 7, 2014, all available series of shares of the Funds will be available for purchase in both Canadian and U.S. dollars. Under the U.S. Dollar Option, the series net asset value (“NAV”) per share will be calculated by converting the Canadian dollar series NAV per share to the U.S. dollar equivalent based on the exchange rate at the time the NAV is calculated. The exchange rate used for such conversion is the rate of exchange established using customary banking sources.

How it works on switches and redemptions:

Investors can only switch between series of shares of the Funds available for purchase under the U.S. Dollar Option.  These switches will be processed in U.S. dollars.

Generally, any distributions on, and payments of redemption proceeds for, shares of the Funds purchased under the U.S. Dollar Option will be made in U.S. dollars. Net realized capital gains and losses on shares redeemed in U.S. dollars must be calculated in Canadian dollars for tax purposes.

Fund Codes Under The U.S. Dollar Option
A - FE A - LL T - FE
T - LL
Sprott Enhanced Equity Class SPR 447
SPR 454
SPR 455
SPR 456
SPR 448
SPR 457
Sprott Silver Bullion Class SPR 413
SPR 415
Sprott Gold Bullion Class SPR 451
SPR 452

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